Latest Samsung Mobile Parts for Repair and Replacement


Latest Samsung Mobile Parts for Repair and Replacement

Samsung is one of the oldest brands that is still going strong and leading the market of tablets and mobile phones. They have seen increase in their sales almost double in past couple of years worldwide. It is all because of the technology and features they have in store for the users.

All the Samsung mobiles have amazing features especially the galaxy series that gets high resale value in smartphones market. Samsung mobiles are everywhere right from mobile stores to online sites. Just like any other gadgets, Samsung mobiles to are prone to wear and tear especially the spare parts. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry because Samsung cell phone repair parts wholesale sources are available online and in the market too. 

Some points to remember for you like a Samsung phone parts supplier 

  • Make sure you always purchase Samsung cell phone repair parts wholesale only from a reliable site online that offers a guarantee on every product they sell.

  • Do not forget to check the past record of every wholesaler you want to buy from to ensure they are genuine.

  • Any Samsung phone part supplier should stock the latest Samsung mobile parts for repair and replacement that includes Samsung Galaxy spare parts etc. 

When you are looking for Samsung replacement parts wholesale price with quality then check for a genuine source. Of course, you want your Samsung phone to start working perfectly after repair. The Samsung replacement parts include Samsung screen replacements, digitizers, etc. Once you get the genuine parts for a replacement you can see your phone looking and working perfectly. You will feel like you bought a new phone altogether. When you get the replacement part, make sure that the store owner hands over the instructions that are easy to follow so that you can fix the problem on your own or get it done from a repair expert. It will bring back the life back to your Samsung phone. 

The main issue with most Samsung phones that the users face is when the phone is dropped there are chances that the screen breaks. Thus the store owners should always stock screens as replacements parts for both Samsung phones and tablets.


When you purchase from Samsung cell phone repair parts wholesale source make sure that you get a manufacturer’s warranty on the products you buy. This will help you check with the supplier if there is any problem with the parts immediately after you buy or within the given warranty.


Model Number

Back Glass


Battery Kit

Mother Board

Galaxy Note8


₹ 2,930

₹ 13,647

₹ 2,101

₹ 16,435

Galaxy Note5


₹ 1,077

₹ 5,932

₹ 1,013

₹ 12,992

Galaxy S8+


₹ 3,452

₹ 12,113

₹ 1,932

₹ 16,854

Galaxy S8


₹ 3,597

₹ 11,098

₹ 1,755

₹ 14,861

Galaxy Note9 (128GB)


₹ 4,109

₹ 13,840

₹ 2,291

₹ 21,233

Galaxy Note9 (512GB)


₹ 4,109

₹ 13,840

₹ 2,291

₹ 32,192

Galaxy S6 Edge+


₹ 1,695

₹ 8,634

₹ 1,013

₹ 10,232

Online tracking

If the supplier you have purchased the Samsung cell phone repair parts wholesale from is having a website then ask if you can track your repair online.

There are some online sites that help you track your repair so that you can see how the repair process is progressing.

If there is an online chat facility you can also chat with the representative for the repair work.

Try to compare the price and then decide to purchase replacement, repair parts or get your Samsung phone repaired from a genuine source.