In 2018, new iPhone is going to be released in 2 flavored.

  • iPhone 11 and

  • iPhone XI or iPhone X Plus

Let us quickly look into their expected prices and technical improvements that are going to come.

New IPhone 2018 Prices, Technological Specifications & Expected Release Date

iPhone 2018 prices

iPhone X minimum price, without add-ons, was set to £999/$999. If we go little back to September 2017 when iPhone 8/8 Plus was released, those models were priced at $699 and $799 respectively. However, rumors surrounding 2018 iPhones say that upgraded versions of Apple smartphones are going to come at relatively lesser prices or features would be coming at less increase in cost.

An article from Economic Daily states that 2 iPhone X successors will be introduced:

  • Lisboa, a full-blown and premium iPhone XI

  • Hangzhou, a budget-friendly iPhone XI

How can a company afford to collect lower cheques for higher functionalities?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a security analyst at KGI Securities, Apple is to bundle an uncostly LCD-TFT screen that explores lesser pixels. This, in turn, reduces prices of a new model (probably £649-£749) and offers economic rate LCD replacements.
A sheer number of market research agencies rather claims that price tag is changed because Apple has switched from Samsung to LG for sourcing screens.

iPhone 2018 Technical & Design Specifications

iPhone 2018 Technical & Design Specifications

Colour Options

Considering young users, iPhone 2018 would be available in several colors. It will add Golden flavor that was discarded in iPhone 5c.

Screen Sizes

5.28 size is going to be disposed of in favor of 5.85in.
Bloomberg, a popular software data, and media company write in Feb 2018 “It would be offered in 3 sizes.”

  • 6.5in 

  • 6.1in and 

  • 5.8in

How iPhone 2018 will look

Physical memory: 4 GB from previous 3 GB


Upcoming handsets from Apple are supposed to execute faster on account of the upgraded processor.

It is clear that what processor Apple is going to implement: it is an A12 processor. It results in approximately 40% power consumption and 20% leap in performance.

Wireless Technology: 5G

Fast and Wireless(“AirPower”) Charging

With iPhone models that are going to come to marketplaces around late 2018, Apple boasts to aid in capacitive charging facilities.

2018 iPhones have bundled with 18 watt USB-C chargers as opposed to USB-A ports that company is using since 2007.

While there is no predetermined date given by Apple, it has simply put forward that it is releasing an AirPower, a wireless charger that can charge Apple Watch, iPhones and AirPods without plugging-in.

No price mentioned, no fixed date, just 2018.

Camera Updates

iPhone’s 3D cameras(both front and back) are already packed with true depth viewing capabilities. It is considered 1 year ahead in technology than its main rival, Android phones. Therefore we are unlikely to find more sensing features in 2018 models.

3D Scanner on The Rear

As part of making iPhones AR(Augmented Reality) friendly, iPhone XI and 11 are going to include a structured lighting part that projects 30,000 laser dots onto a user’s face. However, its primary purpose isn’t to act as another Face Id, rather it is in place to draw a picture of the 3D surrounding environment.

Stylus Pencil

How do you think it? Does it make sense to use a pencil on a touchscreen device? This is in fact, a quite demanded feature by Apple fans. As the LCD becomes bigger, utilizing accurately designed pencil has few advantages over fingers.

The picture is clouded about whether compatible pencil will be improvised or not. However, Apple has announced that it is working to launch a new ‘Digital Pen’ in 2019.

Release Month

While we can’t say it firmly, iPhone 11 should be launched in September probably as it is a general pattern of launching new iPhones by Apple if we look at previous years.