Huawei has been manufacturing mobile phones since 1997 with consumers all around the globe. The Chinese telecommunications equipment maker has been creating waves in the international market with incredible products and controversial news as well. Cellphones, as well as Huawei parts, are world renowned and much in demand. Ranked as the third highest smartphone maker around the world it is not only producing high-quality phones but also adds remarkable features that can rival the trending phones by Apple, Google, Samsung, and even Oneplus. However, all good packages come at a price and with the Chinese company it is the glitches and flaws though repairable but manages to bug the user.

We thought if you are the proud owner of a Huawei cellphone a few tips to repair common issues would come handy. Our list of top five fixes shall save you the pain and hours spent on searching troubleshoot solutions or know the Huawei repair parts to fix the problem. No need to shy away from buying one but knowing the tricks shall keep you prepared and confident too.

1.Non-functional camera

In the world full of selfie where every occasion has to be documented or clicked it’s hard to manage if your cell phone camera ain5 functioning. Right from the personal affair, parties, home alone events or business trips camera are a mandatory component of life whether you like it or not. High megapixel and resolution have made the camera as good as the pro mode, and hence one can’t stay off it. Cellphone camera troubleshooting is one of the most popular searches on search engines.

However, it is not because of the quality, but at times it’s the err by humans. If you are unable to click photos or your camera freezes every time you open it, it is probably because you have crossed your memory limit. You need to clear your storage and delete some apps, videos, photos. You can always use google photos or drive to store your images so that you have plenty of space in your cell phone. You may as well choose to save it in your memory card.

2.  Screen 

If your screen is not responding or you observe a small discoloration, distortion or black space on your screen, then your screen has probably taken hit and requires Huawei replacement parts to get back with a swing. The earlier you replace it, the better. However, if you find the screen not responding to gestures or clicks, then it probably requires a cleared cache and free memory space.

3. Phone heating up or charging issues:

Many have a complaint about the phone heating up, and loading points try keeping your brightness level low to medium.  End all the active apps so that the system has free RAM. Many times, cell phone switches due to the heat or dirt inside the charging port. Try clearing out space gently.  If you find the charging port to turn up the heat or to cause the heat up, then you need Huawei spare parts or Huawei Replacement Parts for the charging port as the bug is hard to fix

4. The fingerprint sensor is not working.

A faulty fingerprint sensor can bring your cell phone usability at a halt. Mostly a factory reset should do the trick and you are should be able to use the sensor. You may as well boot your cell phone in safe mode to check if any third-party application or software causes the issues.

5. Audio issue

Volume levels have been another trending problem people face with their Huawei cell phones. Probably the upcoming update should clear it out. You can't do much about it as it comes with the package. Try adjusting on a high pitch tone so that it is highly audible.

So now with the above trick, you know when you can fix a problem, or you need Huawei spare parts to kick start your phone. For all your mobile phone spare parts requirements, is the most trusted online vendor.