our grades

What's Our Grades?


 1)  Grade : OEM

Grade OEM is 100% original manufactured. We get this kind of parts from the first level dealer. OEM parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, flex, which are assembled by the original factories.

--- Mainly supply for enterprise level customers

 2)  Grade: OEM Refurb

The OEM screen cracked and glass lens was broken but the rest parts are still working, so the third-party factories separate glass lens from the screen and refurbish with a new one. 

--- Mainly supply for the repair shop brand customers

  3)  Grade:  Original LCD

Only the LCD ,ic driver and flex cable is original. The rest are copy. The LCD is assembled with other spare parts like flex cable, glass lens, frame, backlight and polarize film etc. by third-party factories in the market. 

--- Mainly supply for the repair shop brand customers



4)  Grade:  In-Cell (LG)

It is one kind of China made LCD quality. In the market, people also call it Copy LG. Because its LCD copies LG LCD at 1:1. All of the parts are copy except IC driver. Its internal structure is the same as the original lcd (in-cell). The structure is: (LCD+TP)+ Glass. LCD and TP comes together. LCD flex and touch flex are assembled with LCD.

--- Mainly supply for the repair shop brand customers



5)  Grade:  China Copy/ High Copy / Aftermarket

Grade Aftermarket is the widely accepted major compliant replacements for original parts, which keep a good balance between price and quality and has sustainable supplying chain.There are many brands such as Tianma, IVO(longteng/LT), BOE(Jingdongfang/JDF), Shenchao(SC), AUO(Youda/YD) ,CSOT etc. For those qualities, all parts are copy including the IC driver. For more knowledge of  China made iPhone LCD, please visit blog : https://iphonelcd.net/blog/something-china-lcd.html

--- Mainly supply for the repair shop customers
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