Payment Info


Payment options

While shopping with CPS you can make your purchase using any of the following payment methods. Please, note that you can't combine several methods in a single payment. All the methods listed below guarantee prompt money transfer to recipient.


Wire Transfe     



Bank Name:                   Hang Seng Bank Limited

Beneflciary Name:         AOYU HONGKONG LIMITED

Account:                        796 072429 883

Bank Address:            83 Des Voeux Road CentralHongKong

SWIFT NO:                 HASEHKHH


Western Union  /  MoneyGram


            Full Name: Jing Wang
            First Name: Jing
            Last Name: wang
            City: Dongguan
            State: Guangdong
            Country: China



Credit/Debit Cards




How to choose a payment method

Select any product(s) from those available for purchasing from CPS and add them to your shopping cart by clicking "Place order now" button. After filling-in shipping info and choosing delivery company you will be forwarded to the page with available payment methods. There you will find the detailed description of each payment method .


Order Confirmation

As soon as your order is submitted, CPS will send you a confirmation e-mail with the detailed information about your order including necessary payment information. For this reason we ask you to provide us with your actual e-mail address.


Paying via wire transfer

Once the payment is done, please let us know the bank receipt, reference number or MTCN number (Money Transfer Control Number), payment amount, full name of the payer, country and town of residence. This information will serve a requisite while processing your order.

Our email address is :   


Special requirements for Visa \ MasterCard payment methods

The maximum amount to be paid at a time is $600.

According to the safety measures we accept payments only from the cards protected with 3D secure code (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode) that is used for online shopping. This protects your MasterCard or Visa account against unauthorized use of your card.

If you do not have private secure code Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, your payment will be returned back to you. Refund procedure may take up to 10 days.

To obtain 3D secure code you need to register your card in the relevant system:

Verified by Visa for Visa Cards

MasterCard SecureCode for MasterCard


Security measures

All CPS pays great attention to maintain the security of all the confidential information you provide while purchasing in our online shop. Our secure server software (SSL) meets the industry standards for secure commercial transactions. All data, including card numbers, names and addresses are encrypted to prevent any unauthorized interference.

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